Solar Costs

Typically, a solar water heater installation might cost between R8,000 and R30,000. The cost is determined by the size of unit you require which, in turn, will depend mostly on how much hot water you use, as well as a list of other criteria, such as shading and the angle of your roof. The average cost of a solar water heater installed through the programme has been approximately R12,000.

Through Shisa Solar, it will cost less as you will benefit from the bulk discount the eThekwini Energy Office has secured on a range of solar water heating units. As all these units and pre-approved suppliers are Eskom accredited, you will also be able to take advantage of the Eskom rebate, further increasing your savings.

Please note that all the Shisa Solar Programme’s pre-approved suppliers offer competitive financing options for solar water heater installations.

Positive Return On Investment

As electricity tariffs continue to rise over the next 5 years, the amount of money you will be saving each month from using a solar water heaterwill continue to increase.

These savings are so big that the upfront cost of buying a solar water heater will be completely offset within 2 to 5 years - and after that you will be putting the electricity savings in your pocket!  When you're powered by the sun, the energy is free.  Solar is one of the few things you can invest in that pays for itself.