Shisa Solar Neighbourhood Programme

What is the Programme?
The Shisa Solar Programme was initiated by the eThekwini Municipality Energy Office to promote the installation of Solar Water Heaters within the eThekwini Municipal Area. The focus of the programme is on the middle to high income market segment in the city, as well, as the large residential estates.

The key purpose of the programme is to reduce consumption of electricity in eThekwini – as part of the municipality’s contribution towards the national goal of reducing electricity demand by at least 10%.  The reduced consumption of electricity is also seen as important in helping to reduce global warming / climate change.

The main objectives of the programme are to assist residents within the eThekwini Municipal Area to pay less for Solar Water Heaters, help them choose which products are best, and help them get access to suppliers which are reliable and sell good quality products.

How does it Work?
Anyone living in the eThekwini Municipal Area can register to participate in the programme. Once you have registered on the system through the website or by calling us on 031-311 4509, the Shisa team will link you to the Shisa Solar suppliers, who will contact you to come and provide a quotation.
Please remember that you are not obliged to purchase a solar water heater if you register to participate in the programme. You make this decision when the suppliers have quoted on what it will cost to fit a solar water heate to your home.
You may also request that one of the Shisa Solar suppliers comes out to your home to do a basic ENERGY AUDIT.  This will help you understand how you use electricity in your home to heat water, and whether a Solar Water Heater would be the best option for you to SAVE THE MOST MONEY ON YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL.

eThekwini Energy Office

The Shisa Solar Programme is being facilitated by the eThekwini Energy Office. The Energy Office was launched in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal in February 2009. It forms an essential part of the eThekwini Municipality and was created to establish eThekwini as the sustainable energy manufacturing hub for the SADC region.
Solar energy is the current focus of the office. The office will also be responsible for driving green initiatives, securing grants and funding from all financing institutions, and influencing legislation and bylaws to support green energy use in the city.

It will bring together experts in different disciplines to minimise energy usage, create a society that cares much more about the environment and find new ways to create energy for the sustainable future of Durban. In addition to improving the city's energy efficiency, the Energy Office is committed to reducing green house gas emissions, reducing dependency on finite fossil fuels and investing in renewable energy sources and technologies.
Please visit the eThekwini Municipal website at: